Working Class Keeper

Reserve keeper slums it at Christmas

Amongst the posers and millionaires, one man knows his place

Of course, the likes of Lamps and JT would never grace a C-list party with their irresistible presence – the sparkling anecdotes, the expensive drinks, the shiny skin. But one man in the Chelsea ranks is happy to muck in with the lowly workers.


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Maradona's nutty friends

Maradona’s new year resolution: meet more crazy people

World’s greatest footballer wants to hang with Argentina’s least favourite world leader.

7711.jpgDiego Armando Maradona, who like Pele travels the world meeting people, although unlike Pele only gladhands unstable political leaders, has announced the next name on his wish list – President Ahmedinejad of Iran. “I’ve met Chavez and [...]

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Through the Keyhole

Celebrity bedroom inspired by Bobby Zamora

Which classy star has impeccable taste?


Being a tasteful chap, Bobby Zamora proudly displayed a large canvas picture of his girlfriend’s breasts above their bed. Now he and ‘Page Three stunner’ Nicola T have split up, he has undoubtedly

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WAG Watch

Alex Curran visits the ‘bakery’


National newspaper gives fast food chain illusions of grandeur

A story about a WAG trotting off to the shops would normally never make it past Heat Magazine, but this case is an exception. Pictured above is Alex Curran, who ventured out yesterday for the first time since being confronted [...]

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England Protesters

Anti-Capello protests at FA headquarters


The Spoiler meets the patriotic front at Soho Square

Earlier today, The Spoiler was alerted to a huge fuss being made down at Soho Square. A mass of xenophobic yobs were said to be protesting at the FA’s decision to put another foreign manager in charge of the [...]

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Man Utd Xmas Party

Man United to win the battle of the Christmas parties


Rio is making sure his team will be Big Pimpin’ and knee-deep in hos

If you thought seeing an underperforming Ukrainian wearing a sexy rollneck to a party was exciting, wait until you hear the plans for Manchster Utd’s festive shin dig!

According to our good friends at

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Gemma Atkinson News

Gemma Atkinson more than just pretend breasts


It turns out she can belt out a song too, according to her

Christmas is a soul-crushing time of year, traditionally a low period for the miserable. Even It’s a Wonderful Life kicks off with a near suicide. But great news: while you’re transfixed by the sight of your [...]

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Chelsea watch

It’s the Chelsea Christmas party!


Lamps and Shevchenko clearly didn’t read the memo

Yes, it’s the time of year when the overpaid megastars of the Premiership wear even stupider clothes than usual, and it was Chelsea’s turn to ring in the festive season in London last night.

While some players got in [...]

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