Christmas present crisis solved!

They don’t want shiny things that sparkle, they want a DVD of WAGs sweating in Lycra


This Christmas Eve the streets will not only be blessed with the distant sounds of children butchering beautiful carols. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the racing of tapping heels as a million orange people with dead straight hair clatter towards Woolies to get their hands on the WAG’s Workout DVD.

Starring WAGs Nicola T, Lisa Munday and another one, the forty-five minutes they spend building up a sweat, smiling as they thunder through the pain barrier is truly inspiring. Of course, Nicola T is the stunning Page 3 girl who used to allow Bobby Zamora to body surf her curves at night time, and even granted him the courtesy of a framed picture of her naked breasts above his bed. This is one classy lady.

As well as the all-important get-yourself-fit bits, which guarantee that your wife/life-partner will lose the excess of turkey and sausages in bacon during the resulting weeks of guilt following Christmas lunch, there are also detailed sequences of the WAGs getting their nails done and enjoying a haircut.

Click here to buy a copy.

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  • WAG No. 125: Lisa Munday -- // July 4, 2008 at 4:46 am

    [...] You may recognise her tasty abs from the DVD that no self-respecting human should be without – WAGs Workout – which also stars Nicola T and Melissa Johnson. [...]

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