Alki David doesn't love the Midlands

Alki David doesn’t love the Midlands

The Coventry takeover bid looks slightly made up


Yesterday, news spread that eccentric billionaire Alki David was ready to step in and save Coventry City from imminent collapse. The Spoiler learnt that he is a talented film producer, a gentle lover, and the most photogenic man we have ever encountered.

Today, however, it all looks like nothing more than a sexy lie. There’s no mention of his story in the major tabloids. The BBC football gossip site is positively David-less. And Coventry City chairman Joe Elliot told the Coventry Telegraph that “there is no deal with him”.

Apparently, Alki was in touch to see the books but the club are still on track to sell to Ray Ranson’s Sisu Capital group. His always-entertaining Wikipedia entry writes the incident off as a ‘publicity stunt/ prank’, as his involvement with several other Greek football clubs has also been disproved.

Why would the loving philanthropist play with our emotions like this? Could it be that the man who stars in films he writes directs and produces simply loves a bit of attention? Could he possibly be drumming up publicity for Fishtales, one of the worst atrocities ever to be committed to celluloid? The investigation continues…

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  • weqw // August 16, 2008 at 2:14 pm

    the ocean never lies……know somebody name of fishtales 2007 song????

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