Coventry's prospective owner is a little bit creepy

Alki David is making come hither eyes at Coventry


n light of their dire financial straits, Coventry City are just days from a ten point deduction, which would place them bang in the middle of The Championship’s relegation zone. The midlands side need a knight in shining armour to lift them from their £38m hole, and here comes one – although with an enormous mechanical claw in place of armour – billionaire actor, director, DJ and scuba instructor Alki David.

Not only does the jack-of-all-trades own the kind of name that will have Sun headline writers salivating, but he was recently voted ‘sexiest man alive’ by Scandal magazine, a gossip rag in his native Greece. And judging by the knee-weakening snap above, we can see why.

David’s wealth came from a family stake in several Coca-Cola bottling plants across the world, some of which he used to start a television production company and a modelling agency. He has since starred in several films which he personally wrote, directed and produced (which gives a clue to the level of involvement he might expect as new Cov boss). The most recent is Fishtales, starring Kelly Brook (as a mermaid) and Billy Zane (as a bland bald man), and is said to be one of the worst films ever screened at the Cannes Film festival.


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