Coventry crisis

Alki David: marvellous kisser

Minted Sky Blues admirer is a big fan – of himself


If you had any doubt regarding the high level of regard in which Alki David holds himself, a look on his IMDB page should clear things up. Besides the many topless pictures, his biography contains this little snippet of modest third-personism:

“When you meet Alki you will find a calm self-assured pinnacle of strength. Beneath that calm exterior is an incredibly creative and dynamic personality to whom most are instantly drawn to.”

Coventry – why haven’t you got your clothes off already! And who cares about grammar when the guy’s got 4 billion quid! If you’re still not sure about him, go check out his Wikipedia page.

“And lastly, in addition to being a very gentle and loving soul, he is a marvellous [sic] kisser and is always the consummate gentleman.”

Surely this clears up any doubts about his suitability to run a football club, doesn’t it? He might not have much clue about anything other kissing and writing drivel about himself, but at least he’ll pull your chair out at dinner time and light your cigarette at the relegation dinner.

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