WAG Fighting

Attack of the WAGs!

Lloyd and Mears go toe-to-toe in Defoe’s luxury driveway


In a WAG-based recreation of the legendary scene in Dynasty where Alexis Colby and Krystal Carrington go loco in the grounds of a gorgeous stately home (found here in beautiful German for extra dramatic effect), reports in the Sun claim that Danielle ‘Full of Hate’ Lloyd recently came a cropper when she bumbled up to Jermaine Defoe’s luxury Hertfordshire villa at exactly the same time as his scorned lover Charlotte Mears.

The England nearly-man has, of course, dumped his perfectly lovely WAG (Mears) in favour of the Premier League’s number one post-Movida sexual partner – the race hate icon, Danielle Lloyd.

Spotting her sworn enemy, Mears was propelled into a venemous rage, unleashing the burning fury from within the depths of her shattered heart. Lloyd, meanwhile, stayed in her car with the doors locked, trembling with fear.

Moments later she was seen zooming off with a thunderous screech.

That makes it Mears 1, Lloyd 0. Go on Mears!

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