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Alex Curran visits the ‘bakery’


National newspaper gives fast food chain illusions of grandeur

A story about a WAG trotting off to the shops would normally never make it past Heat Magazine, but this case is an exception. Pictured above is Alex Curran, who ventured out yesterday for the first time since being confronted by a gang of masked burglars in her home. The Sun, however, appear to be a little confused about her trip:

“Mum-of-two Alex bought a huge round of sandwiches from a bakery yesterday to feed relatives who visited to support to her.”

The popular red top makes it sound like Alex’s motherly instincts have kicked in, and she has rushed to the local bakery to pick up some granary, in order to prepare a wholesome healthy feast for the starving mouths back home.

In reality, she’s holding a big greasy bag of Subway sandwiches, and Subway could never been considered a bakery. Even in Liverpool. Maybe tomorrow The Sun will also report on Mrs Gerrard’s trip to the butchers (McDonalds) and the local grocery boutique (Poundsaver).

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