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England’s Euro nightmare claims another victim


Just when everyone had stopped hating Terry and co, this happens

The unending circle of pain caused by England flopping out of Euro 2008 has even reached the doorstep of the dear old WAGs – the innocent women with brilliant hair who have spent the last few weeks keeping their disappointed husbands/boyfriends chipper with their non-stop talk of strappy shoes, and plans to launch a new clothing line.

The kind of women who deserve medals, not punishment!

And yet, instead of getting the fame and adulation they deserve, the WAGs have had to suffer the humiliation of their beloved WAGs Boutique being closed down, because England’s failure has forced bitter television execs to deem the the show far too uninteresting for a 2008 audience stripped of any worthwhile international football.

Instead, they will be running repeats of Rent-a-ghost (hopefully!).

Terry, Lamps and co should hang their revolting heads even lower with shame.

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