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Fabio Capello is a fascist sympathiser


Prospective England boss is worse than Walt Disney

When Glenn Hoddle aired his unusual views concerning reincarnation, he was quickly lambasted and removed from his post. So it’s probably best that Fabio Capello has put his socially unacceptable opinions out in the open before taking the reins.

Today’s Mirror tells us that Capello received a bit of stick in Spain for comments praising dictator General Franco:

“Spain in two words? Latin warmth and creativity regulated by a rigorous order. The order which comes from Franco.

“[Franco] left a legacy of order. In Spain everything works well, there is education, cleanliness, respect. [Italy] should follow their example.”

The unsettling comments were made to an Italian newspaper, and they caused a Spanish Euro MP to raise a motion in parliament, saying his ‘eulogy of Franco’ was a ‘deplorable apology for fascism’.

The nutty coach, who has previously supported far right parties such as Lega Nord and Forza Italia, has at least attempted to defend his comments: he said he was trying to show that Spain was better than Italy in some ways, and was simply offering some historical context.

In a further effort to dig himself out of the political hole, he added “Everyone leaves something good behind,” while reasoning that his father was in a Nazi concentration camp. However, he didn’t make it clear that his father was a prisoner…

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