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Gemma Atkinson more than just pretend breasts


It turns out she can belt out a song too, according to her

Christmas is a soul-crushing time of year, traditionally a low period for the miserable. Even It’s a Wonderful Life kicks off with a near suicide. But great news: while you’re transfixed by the sight of your nan chewing awkwardly on a potato like it’s the world’s stickiest toffee, don’t get all down, just remember that sometime-WAG Gemma Atkinson is launching a pop career in 2008.

While she said nothing whatsoever on I’m a Celebrity…, and only afterwards unleashed a voice so monotone that even cardboard boxes wilted, it turns out that she may have just been taking care of her precious vocal chords.

Her plan now is to throw off the image of being a big bosomy bore, and emerge as Britain’s long-awaited answer to the great Aretha Franklin.

“I wanted to learn a bit more about music, rather than just do it because I was in Hollyoaks,” she recently revealed whilst simultaneously opening an Ultimo lingerie shop. “There was a rumour it was going to be pop, but it’s completely not going to be that. It’s going to be something very ballady – soul and R’n'B. Something you can sing to.”

It already sounds amazing, Gemma.

Watch out, Leona Lewis!

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