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It’s the Chelsea Christmas party!


Lamps and Shevchenko clearly didn’t read the memo

Yes, it’s the time of year when the overpaid megastars of the Premiership wear even stupider clothes than usual, and it was Chelsea’s turn to ring in the festive season in London last night.

While some players got in the spirit by donning fancy dress (see JT and Pizarro below), others treated it like a casual night out. Princess Frank wore his normal Princess attire, with socks rolled all the way up in order to please Fabio Capello.


Andriy Shevchenko is under the impression it’s still 1994, and wore a baggy rollneck accordingly.


John Terry had a tough time picking between two costumes: his true alter-ego ‘Captain PissCup’, or the comic book character Mr Invincible. After laying them both out on the bed and agonising over which made him look harder, he went with the teetotal option. Boo.


Claudio Pizarro, who was recently caught boozing and going at it with prostitutes, went as a Roman Emperor. How apt.

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