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Oliver Kahn gets a tad xenophobic


Bayern Munich star does nothing for the reputation of mad German goalies

This week, Oliver Kahn has made an excellent contribution to the realm of thinly-disguised passive aggressive insults, with an outburst against foreign players in his team. Try to guess which ones he refers to:

“The new players need to get used to our high expectations. […] It’s not enough to make a bright start — one or two players have to learn that two or three good games aren’t enough. […] Bayern is not Marseille or Fiorentina — we are like Real Madrid, Barcelona or Manchester United.

“Furthermore, it is hard to get the team together as we always need three interpreters. We aren’t playing enjoyable football anymore and every game it is getting a bit worse.”

The Spoiler is no detective, but a quick glance through the team sheet to look for players who came from Marseille and Fiorentina leads to two names: Frank Ribery and Luca Toni. The keeper was obviously trying to express the hard slog that Die Roten face over the next few months, but his explicitly xenophobic opinions have landed him in hot water – namely a €25,000 fine and a nice cosy spot on the bench next weekend. Good work, Oli.

[The Offside]

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