Working Class Keeper

Reserve keeper slums it at Christmas

Amongst the posers and millionaires, one man knows his place

Of course, the likes of Lamps and JT would never grace a C-list party with their irresistible presence – the sparkling anecdotes, the expensive drinks, the shiny skin. But one man in the Chelsea ranks is happy to muck in with the lowly workers.

Word has filtered in to The Spoiler that following the hilarious fancy dress do that the players attended, another Christmas party was held for everyone working at Chelsea, from the little man who polishes the toilet handles to Princess Frank.

As expected it was a bustling affair, rammed to the gills. But also, as expected, none of the players bothered to turn up.

“Except Cudicini,” says our pal, “he seemed really up for it.”

Seems someone wants to remind his employers that he really does work for them. And he’s not just there to polish the bogs.

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