Bitchy German

Oliver Kahn gets a tad xenophobic


Bayern Munich star does nothing for the reputation of mad German goalies

This week, Oliver Kahn has made an excellent contribution to the realm of thinly-disguised passive aggressive insults, with an outburst against foreign players in his team. Try to guess which ones he refers to:

“The new players [...]

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WAG News

England’s Euro nightmare claims another victim


Just when everyone had stopped hating Terry and co, this happens

The unending circle of pain caused by England flopping out of Euro 2008 has even reached the doorstep of the dear old WAGs – the innocent women with brilliant hair who have spent the last few weeks keeping [...]

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Guess who?

Newcastle flop in bedroom farce


Randy player finds out he’s a bit rubbish via text message

A good friend of The Spoiler has told us a sexy tale concerning a Premier League star, whose identity shall remain entirely anonymous:

“Last year, my mate’s sister – a buxom blonde – pulled our hero on a [...]

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Quote of the Day #2

Fabio Capello tells it like it is


He won’t take guff from a tubby megastar

It is perceived that many stars of the England team have big bank accounts, even bigger egos and little desire to help their nation succeed. Fabio wouldn’t take any of this nonsense, as he has dropped and fallen out with [...]

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Quote of the Day #1

Capello upsets former West Ham legend


The prospective England gaffer won’t be taking any nonsense concerning tactics

During a 1996 friendly tour of China with Milan, Paolo Di Canio had the audacity to question Fabio Capello’s tactics. After being substituted for a defender to protect a half time 1-0 lead, Di Canio asked why the [...]

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The Special One

Italians say Inter want to make the love with Mourinho

The Gazzetta dello Sport, the big fancy paper of Italian football, reported this morning that Inter Milan’s euro’d-up owner Massimo Moratti recently had a romantic date with Jose Mourinho in London.

» As the top mystery in football at the moment is what happened to change the Special One’s mind regarding taking over the England [...]

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WAG Watch

Coleen prepares Booker Prize speech


Find out just what those pretty WAGs have been doing while their boyfs were out having a kickabout

While their hot boyfriends have been greasing up and playing footie, the WAGs haven’t just been sitting around painting their nails in different colours to suit their moods. They’ve been doing [...]

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WAG Fighting

Attack of the WAGs!

Lloyd and Mears go toe-to-toe in Defoe’s luxury driveway


In a WAG-based recreation of the legendary scene in Dynasty where Alexis Colby and Krystal Carrington go loco in the grounds of a gorgeous stately home (found here in beautiful German for extra dramatic effect),

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