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Hoorah! It’s Champions League Tuesday!

The best sports programming on the telecube this evening


Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to get a fake bib for the Liverpool game tonight, it’s also being broadcast on television. And if you don’t fancy seeing Rafa’s final hours at all, then check out the [...]

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Chelsea like the look of world’s laziest player even more

Ronaldinho treats press to a display of world-class idleness


Ronaldinho, the player who seems to have had Roman Abramovich reaching for his biggest wallet recently yesterday showed his prospective buyer the kind of half-hearted approach to the game they can expect if they are stupid enough to pay him [...]

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Champions League news

Enterprising Liverpool fans find novel way of getting into tonight’s match

Probably best not to ask the stewards for any help


With the latest barcode and registration technologies, the days of ticket forgery and touting are slowly drawing to a close. But this hasn’t stopped Liverpool fans trying to get into tonight’s game in Marseille through illicit means, as [...]

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Alki David doesn't love the Midlands

Alki David doesn’t love the Midlands

The Coventry takeover bid looks slightly made up


Yesterday, news spread that eccentric billionaire Alki David was ready to step in and save Coventry City from imminent collapse. The Spoiler learnt that he is a talented film producer, a gentle lover, and the most

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Coventry Crisis

Alki David had a five foot penis

Four billion quid makes you a very funny guy

Now it seems that not only is Alki David a superb kisser, has his own money factory and is the only man capable of putting the smile back on the face of sad little orphan Coventry, but he’s a really funny guy too. According to [...]

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Coventry crisis

Alki David: marvellous kisser

Minted Sky Blues admirer is a big fan – of himself


If you had any doubt regarding the high level of regard in which Alki David holds himself, a look on his IMDB page should clear things up. Besides the many topless pictures, his biography contains [...]

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Coventry's prospective owner is a little bit creepy

Alki David is making come hither eyes at Coventry


n light of their dire financial straits, Coventry City are just days from a ten point deduction, which would place them bang in the middle of The Championship’s relegation zone. The midlands side need a knight in shining armour to

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Did you take our advice at the weekend?

More winning tips from The Dinner


OK, so we didn’t see the demise of Liverpool at the Madejski coming, but there were plenty of winning tips in our previews of the weekend.

Firstly, a big thanks to solentsam, who gave us a superb tip that featured in last Thursday’s wager:

“Portsmouth have never won at [...]

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