WAG of the Day

WAG No. 248: Kim Alexis

Supermodel, marathoner and hemorrhoid cream spokesperson

The 1980s were a simpler time: no one was troubled by spam emails, Simon Cowell had yet to infect popular music with his cynical money making machine and supermodels with big hair were all photographed in soft focus. One such supermodel was Kim Alexis, [...]

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Sexy Violence News

Which Inter Milan star started a nightclub brawl?

Chilean internationals fight it out over attractive lady


It seems that Steven Gerrard isn’t the only one arguing with his fists over this festive period.

Inter Milan midfielder Luis Jimenez has held a grudge over fellow Chilean international Mauricio Pinilla after the South American press claimed the latter had slept with the former’s wife, [...]

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Daily Democracy

Vote: Can Arsenal “dominate the league” this year?

The Professor isn’t ruling out domestic silverware in 08/09

Arsene Wenger

Despite the fact that Aston Villa can push Arsenal out of the top four with a draw at Hull tonight, Arsene Wenger believes Arsenal’s season is not yet over, and indeed that there is still time for an [...]

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