Danielle Lloyd

2008 starts with a bang for this WAG

Getting married AND releasing a DVD about fitness? Wow


While the rest of us gorged on cooked meat and strong European lager over the festive season, one of the nation’s many racist glamour models was keeping herself very busy indeed.

Danielle Lloyd – her who has gone almost a full year without telling Shilpa Shetty to “fuck off home” – was spotted larging it at London’s fashionable Embassy Club, braless but with a massive rock on her engagement finger. Is Defoe really signing up for a lifetime’s membership to Movida?

And that wasn’t all for the beautiful Lloyd.

For those looking to lose the disgusting wobbly ring of fat spawned by years of eating well and enjoying life, you could try out her Keep Fit Look Fit fitness DVD. For just £15.99 (plus £1.75 postage) the ferocious former Miss England will (presumably) show you how to shout orders at black people in restaurants, and then tone your arms by writing racially motivated graffiti on a local shop owned by a man whose grandparents dared to be born in India.

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