Malaysian Football Special

Coming to a Millwall match near you soon…

It’s referees with guns!


Referees who are looking for a way to deal with the recent spate of unsightly two-footed challenges should turn to their counterparts in Kuala Lumpur for inspiration.

In a heated match that took place two weeks ago, a referee attempted to control the game using the best method he knew how: he scurried to his car, retrieved a gun from the boot and fired warning shots into the air.

The man in black, who is also a policeman, was forced into packing heat after a red card provoked a bout of fisticuffs. In what is already being dubbed the quote of the year, Police Chief Hussin Ismail told the New Strait Times:

“We are investigating as to whether the referee/ policeman was justified in taking out his firearm and discharging it, and also why he had it with him during the match.”

Shockingly, the official was taken into custody for ‘misuse’ of a weapon, while five of the players could be charged for rioting.

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