Revealed! Story of Tony Parker’s affair suffers from 100 per cent truth shortage

Batty French model drags the relatively good name of Thierry Henry into her lunatic fantasies


About three weeks ago we told the world about the affair that has rocked the relationship of basketball WAG/ Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria and her hubby Tony Parker. Apparently, Thierry Henry introduced the San Antonio Spurs point guard to a French model named Alexandra Paressant, who counts Ronaldo (fat Brazilian, not Portuguese predator) among her bedpost notches. We labelled Henry a homewrecker, and questioned whether a woman was capable of sinking as low as Danielle Lloyd (who recently stole Jermaine Defoe from ‘best pal’ Charlotte Mears).

It turns out our penchant for believing everything that beautiful French women say was, in this instance, wrong. After Parker sued the website who first broke the story, it has emerged that he has never even met the sultry model, and she is a complete nutbag.

People reporter Dana Kennedy notes the following:

“She appears to have created her relationship with Ronaldinho by anonymously flooding footballer forums with posts about “Ronaldinho and his fiance the French top model Alexandra Paressant” and doctoring photos. Fans and the media started to accept the fake relationship as fact.

“Paressant took a quicker route with Parker: she contacted X17 with images of what she said were text messages from Parker and stories about their alleged sex life involving Nutella, strawberries and a vibrator shaped like a duck.”

The full story can be found here, but to sum it up, Paressant is a serial liar whose own mother says she is prone to ‘making up stories’, so much so that she’d have us believe she spent the entire 2006 World Cup at it with Ronaldinho.

Tony Parker, I offer a heartfelt apology for questioning your fidelity. And Thierry Henry, for accusing you of being a homewrecker, I offer some advice: get over it and start being good at football again.

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