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No. 4: Elisabetta Gregoraci

This Italian soubrette is about to own a stake in QPR

Italian businessman is Flavio Briatore is known by most as the MD of the Renault F1 team and part owner of Queens Park Rangers. Among gorgeous women, however, he is known only as a breathtaking inferno of sexuality, on a par with the Brad Pitts of this world. This accounts for why the 57-year-old has steamrollered Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell and 27-year-old Wonderbra model Elisabetta Gregoraci, to whom he is now engaged. I think he may have a few quid laying around, too.

Elisabetta started life wanting to be a detective, but soon realising her strengths lay in being extremely good looking, she took up dance, attempted to become Miss Italy and starred in several films. She has since become a staple on Italian TV, and has starred in no less than nine TV series, the first of which was based around Euro 2000.

Like most Italians, she has been involved in a political scandal, when she hopped into bed with Foreign Ministry spokesman Salvatore Sottile, allegedly for a TV part. When she figured out that the Foreign Ministry has little to do with landing TV parts, she denied the whole thing. Bless.
Spoiler bonus: Whoa! You’re on a surfboard in an extremely revealing minidress! Elisabetta, you so crazy!

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