Sneaky Betting

Paul Jewell shows Derby their last remaining hope – cheating

Derby gaffer challenges midfielder to race and wins


It’s the kind of bet that an older boy in the playground would make with you to expose your naivety, yet Paul Jewell managed to out-fox midfielder Giles Barnes with his tricky semantics:

“I raced him for £100 and he lost,” Jewell explained.

“I said to him: ‘Listen Giles, this is where you have to learn the game, so I will race you for £100 over 100 yards and I’ll give you a 20-yard start’.

“We shook hands and we raced, but I never said I would beat him. I said I would race him for £100, so he has to pay up. I’m still waiting for my money, and he won’t be getting a move unless he pays me.”

With no hope left in the Prem, maybe Jewell should start turning up on matchdays saying “We will play you for £500,000.” They’ll re-coup next year’s lost Sky TV money in no time…

[Fantasy Sport Net]

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