The England manager

Fabio Capello’s already in trouble!

England’s stern new gaffer has run into a little tax difficulty


The Italian tax detectives have been pointing their magnifying glasses at the bank accounts of Fabio Capello recently, reports Milan’s Il Giornale. Mr Capello, a one-time employee of Juventus, a club whose enthusiasm for football took a back seat to their love of corruption for many years, is being looked at for “suspected tax evasion.”

The manager’s lawyer son Pierfilippo said, “Investigations of this type are carried out into all sorts of famous wealthy people in Italy. They want to understand how he was paid at Juventus.”

The English FA, terrified that they’ve hired theselves another public relations nightmare, have been assured by Mr Capello that his affairs are in order, although did not say whether he gave those assurances in Italian, English or a series of nonchalant shrugs.

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