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Come and be Rio Ferdinand’s neighbour in Uganda!

Charity starts at home for the United star

Rio Ferdinand

Being a fervent lover of charidee, Rio Ferdinand set up a £300,000 football academy in Uganda last year, which continues to educate and train the underprivileged street children of Kampala.

On meeting the kids whose lives he has helped, the philanthropic defender said his experience was ‘overwhelming and humbling’. Aww.

But hang on a second… this website offers properties in a gated luxury development in the Ugandan capital, where Rio is ‘delighted to have a home’. It’s thoroughly unlikely that Mr Ferdinand will use his downtime in the close season to catch up on the latest Danielle Steele in Ugandan luxury, so it would seem that the good people at Kensington Luxury Heights are simply using his fame to hawk their wares to foreign investors. Meanwhile, Rio gets a nice payday for a house he will never have to stay in, and the whole thing is cosmetically enhanced by a charity project.

Following Rio’s unsuccessful stewardship of the United Christmas party, the slogan “Come, be my neighbour in Uganda,” was perhaps not the shrewdest. Anyone already living at the Heights should not be too concerned, however. The chances of his ever arriving to orgy Premier League style are slim to none.

(PS It’s not the first time a Premier League star’s name has been used to sell property – David Beckham ‘bought’ a £600k home on Dubai’s man-made Palm Island in 2003, and he still hasn’t visited.)

[The Observer]

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  • Nic Bernstein // January 22, 2008 at 1:56 am

    One of the only good things he has ever done in his life

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