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Abbey Clancy ruins live drama experience for entire theatre

Peter Crouch’s WAG isn’t a fan of Blood Brothers

If he were dead, playwright Willy Russell would be spinning in his grave following Abbey Clancy’s performance on the opening night of Blood Brothers at Liverpool’s Empire Theatre.

According to a Daily Star reader, Peter Crouch’s lady turned up at the theatre and proceeded to irritate everyone around her:

“Within the first 10 minutes she started talking on her mobile. She was on and off it for the whole of the first half.”

“At the end of the show the cast got a standing ovation and Abbey joined in with the applause. I heard a women behind me say, ‘Why is she clapping? She missed the whole show.’ “

If this were any normal person, they would have been ousted by an angry scouse crowd. But fortunately, she’s WAG royalty and also very pretty, so she probably could have maimed a puppy on the stage and no one would have complained.

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