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Danielle Lloyd makes money out of her idiocy

Her fickleness and misunderstanding of how to buy a car pays dividends

The good people at The Daily Star have a stringent policy of putting a half naked picture of Danielle Lloyd on their cover at least four times a week. Her residency on the front page continues today, accompanied by a story of her exploits in the world of automotive sales.

According to the ropey paper, Mrs Jermain Defoe recently bought a £67k Audi R8 (which to her credit, shows very good taste) from a dealer in Holland. After taking it for a test drive in Blighty, however, she decided she didn’t like the car, and sent it back to the dealer. Said dealer then sold the car on for an extra £30k, which was promptly passed on to Miss Lloyd.

This bizarre transaction raises a number of questions:

1. The car has a list price in the UK of £77k, so a reduction of £10k from the continent isn’t out of the ordinary. But how did its value increase by £30k after becoming second hand? Surely anything Danielle Lloyd touches should instantly decrease in value.

2. Why would the dealer give the £30k profit back to Danielle Lloyd, after she sold him back a car she didn’t want? I’m no Harvard Business School graduate, but if I were a car dealer in pursuit of a profit, I’d probably keep the money I earned from organizing the sale.

3. How has Dani managed to completely misinterpret the concept of a ‘test drive’? After actually purchasing the car, surely it just becomes a ‘drive’?

The investigation continues…

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  • Marty // February 14, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    Oh god please grow up! surely everyone knows that this was just a publicity piece and never really happened or are you to thick to think about it! mind you, you know what they say when you hate someone as much as you say you do, you actually have a secret crush on them so do us all a favor and lighten up on Dani and pick on somone else who will appreciate your comments!

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