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Beckham gets a naked Posh Spice tattoo

Mr B.’s latest sleeve has a distinct air of Robo-Spice


In a tattooing blunder of astronomic proportions, David Beckham famously has his wife’s name misspelt on his right arm in Sanskrit. I actually interviewed his personal tattoo artist Louis Malloy, who claimed there is no direct translation of ‘Victoria’ in the Indo-European language. But I think he was probably lying or part of a very cruel joke. Now, however, Beckham appears to have offset his correctly/incorrectly spelt tatt with a big ‘ol nude drawing of his wife on his left arm.

A close-up picture from his fitness-preventing Brazil trip shows a naked lady etched in front of a blanket of stars. The long flowing hair extensions. The disproportionate half-melon orbs. It can only be Posh Spice, naked as the day God botoxed her.

Unless of course, it’s an image of another brunette with a fake rack and a notch on the Beckham bedpost? A ex-personal assistant perhaps…

[The Offside Rules]

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