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WAG No. 25: Melanie Slade

Southampton’s premier WAG probably doesn’t even know who Noddy Holder is

Back in 2006, seventeen-year-old Melanie Slade was a modest young student who worked a Saturday job at a ‘Claire’s’ shop. On what you would hope is a rare trip to the girl’s accessories emporium, Theo Walcott spotted Mel, and made her WAG royalty on the spot. A few short months later, she was hanging out with Posh Spice at the World Cup, as the youngest member of the England WAG team.

Melanie, who is pictured above at last night’s prestigious Perfume Shop Nose of the Year Awards, has since achieved two Bs and a C at A-Level and devoted herself to a life of charidee: she is the face of a recent cancer research campaign and she also climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for various good causes. ‘I’m not your typical WAG,’ says the young blonde, who has no formal occupation and recently took delivery of a £10k diamond ring.

In addition to her impressive collection of over 100 handbags, Melanie treasures the VW Beetle Theo bought her for her birthday. Its personal number plate reads ‘M4T’, which stands for ‘Melanie for Theo’. Expect to see it in the car park at West Brom, or wherever the striker gets loaned out this season.

Spoiler bonus: In a News of the World interview last year, Melanie insisted she doesn’t want to “just go shopping all the time, wear designer clothes and have expensive haircuts and manicures.” So here’s a video of her bragging about all the stuff she’s bought, while wearing designer clothes and having an expensive haircut and manicure:

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  • Sue // February 8, 2008 at 2:46 pm

    Well lets hope with Theo by her side she will keep her feet firmly on the ground. Not like the other lot up their own arses

  • Berba Fan // February 13, 2008 at 1:33 am

    God what a disappointment she turned out to be!

    I thought she was *different* when we saw her in 2006, but no, just your typical WAG!

    Her b/f’s career is going nowhere fast aswell.

  • Adam Arscott // October 5, 2008 at 2:25 pm

    Whats wrong with what she says? Doesn’t seem WAG like to me, i bet a lot of girls have over 100 bags, she is a sweet, gorgeous young girl and isn’t your typical wag!

    and oh yeah Theo’s career seems to be doing pretty well at the moment.

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