The Beckhams

Is David Beckham the new King of England?

Beckham Suite

Like the Duke of Edinburgh, David Beckham always looks like a man struggling to understand what every single thought that goes through his head really means. The world is too damn confusing for these people. But, the similarities don’t end there. The prince of football now shares similar hotel tastes to the famously racist royal.

When his wife, Posh, booked in to do some New York shows with her pop group, The Spice Girls, rather than stay in humble(ish) digs downtown like the rest of the girls, she demanded to be put up in the Royal Suite (pictured) at the Waldorf Astoria. The enormous reservation takes up a whole floor of the building and was designed specifically for the Queen. The room comes with gold-embellished woodwork, layers of champagne-colored italian silks, antique mahogany moldings, sophisticated international elegance, and presumably a flat screen television.

It’s also the place where the King of Zamunda stays when he’s in Coming to America.


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  • JukeBox // February 16, 2008 at 5:39 pm

    hey daily india…this is not news at all! and certainy not even a gossip! what do you expect of the Beckhams anyway? they ARE RICH! probably as rich as the Royal family…maybe richer…who knows! the point is…their wealth for 2006 only reached to 200 million pounds, and now maybe more. well..unless you hate Posh so much, then i understand why you posted this.

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