Become a WAG

How to become a WAG: Lesson One – The Frenchie

He can’t even kick a ball, but Calum Best is a Premier League WAG charmer

Calum Best is a classy guy

According to Monica Harris, The Spoiler’s all-important insider lurking in the glamourous world of exclusive clubs/bars like Movida and ‘whites, the gravy train that young models all yearn to board departs the minute you snog a footballer, or, at the very least, Calum Best.

Only last night, a young will-be WAG had the pleasure, and by the looks of things, Calum is a real chip off the old proverbial. See how he incorporates his revolting slimy tongue into a simple everyday greeting? That’s called French Kissing. Footballers are known to love a frenchie.

Welcome to WAG-town, woman (pictured). Population, you.

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