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WAG No. 35: Carly Zucker

Her name means ‘sugar’ in German. Sweet.

Unless he falls foul of Avram Grant’s tactical battle of wits, Joe Cole should have a prominent role in this Sunday’s Carling Cup final. Regardless, WAG fans should be able to count on the attendance of his lady Carly Zucker, the twenty-five-year-old personal trainer who rose to tabloid fame following her prominent role in the World Cup 2006 WAG gang.

In The Sun’s esteemed ’12 hottest WAGs’ poll (won by Cheryl Cole), Carly clocked in at a respectable twelfth (good job they resisted the conventional ‘top ten’ format), while she managed eighth place in FHM‘s most recent WAG Premier League (won by Abbey Clancy). She beat Victoria Beckham in both polls, and caused controversy for calling the Queen WAG ‘emaciated’. She was later congratulated for using such a fancy word for ‘thin’.

Unlike many of her counterparts, Carly may be credited for shying away from the limelight – she has thus far refused offers of fragrances, stayed off reality tv shows and neglected to mention her partner’s expensive jewelery in glossy magazines. She is due to wed Cole at the end of this season, so maybe then we’ll start getting OK! Magazine shoots, Fitness DVD’s, lingerie ranges, yada yada…

Spoiler bonus: Here’s compilation featuring Carly and her WAG friends watching football and not doing very much else:

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