Fabregas steals Indiana Jones role from Beckham!

…And loads of other bizarre pointless stuff in new Pepsi advert

Usually, Pepsi adverts are great spectacles – previously, we’ve enjoyed Beckham in a Wild West shootout, and Roberto Carlos and co losing a game to a bunch of overweight Germans. The latest clip from the cola pushers, however, seems like a big ol’ mishmash of crap designed to get as many high profile names into a minute slot: Thierry Henry runs through the jungle in a dinner suit, Beckham as Indiana Jones mysteriously transforms into Cesc Fabregas, and Princess Frank gets all dolled up in a fetching little kimono. It really accentuates his hips, and black is a very flattering colour for the precious midfielder, but there are few other positives gained from this money-spinner.

As Kickette rightly point out, no one has actually bought a Pepsi since 1982, but it’s great to see that they’re still blowing an incredible budget on assembling these world football stars, and giving executives big bonuses for visualising these incredible ‘concepts’.

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  • Johnni // March 17, 2008 at 6:38 pm

    I think it’s good. The ones you mentioned were god awful adverts.

  • Astrid // April 25, 2008 at 2:22 pm

    From a girl’s point of view, it’s gods gift to women, I mean what more could an Arsenal fan want? Henry dressed in a suit kicking the ball to a dressed up kinky Fabregas?? mmmm…..

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