‘Love Rat’ Defoe breaks Danielle Lloyd’s heart

Premier League Playa of the Year dismisses relationship as a ‘fling’

Poor old Danielle Lloyd. Not only does she have to live her life in the pages of the Daily Star, but her most recent football lover has made her look like a chump in the same paper. Top “player” Jermain Defoe took up the pen to dismiss their relationship as a ‘fling’, despite the fact that not five minutes ago Miss Lloyd was gearing up to move in with him:

“As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been single since Charlotte [Meares].

“So the love rat thing is all a load of rubbish – and it’s doing my head in. Even when I left Tottenham for Portsmouth – and scored a goal on my debut – people weren’t interested in that.

“Everyone thinks I’m this big bad love rat – but I ain’t.

“I just wanna play football. I score goals and am doing stuff on the pitch, but all people want to chat about is my personal life.”

The Portsmouth striker/ Chinawhite resident also set the record straight on numerous scandals involving him and an endless string of ropey models. He claims there is nothing wrong with his behaviour, and he is simply a ‘good Catholic boy’. Who likes to go to nightclubs the night before training. Who likes to sleep with a different woman every night. And who is being driven to the edge of distraction trying to work out how people are finding out about his private life:

“I just don’t know how everything I do is getting found out,” he says, exasperated. I feel you, Jermain.

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  • Randall Wade // March 18, 2008 at 10:18 am

    How is Danielle a rascist if she hangs out with black gentlemen? Thanks for the lovely photo of her. She is really beautiful. She needs to stop casting pearls before swine.

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