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Roman Abramovich’s £200m signing

Chelsea owner’s new plaything provides a healthy mix of pleasure and paranoia


Despite paying Shevchenko extortionate amounts to do little else except go out and purchase ill-advised eastern European-style clothing, Roman Abramovich still has a few quid tucked away for other projects. The latest indulgence to drive prices at Stamford Bridge even further into the stratosphere is the M/Y Eclipse, the world’s largest privately owned yacht, currently being built under a cloud of secrecy (the candid spy shot you see above was taken on one of the few occasions the vessel has been in plain view – they only test it at night and behind closed doors).

The £200m massive yacht, being built by Blohm + Voss off the German Baltic island of Ruegen, is 550 feet long, some 200 feet longer than his current biggest vessel, the Pelorus (the combined global crew for his four yachst will total several hundred, and when the new ship launches later in the year, he will have a fleet nearly as large as that of the Irish navy).

Features of the Eclipse include:

* A small hospital staffed by a private medical team
* Bulletproof glass, underwater cameras and a missile detection system
* Anti-bugging equipment windows have flash sensors to warn of paparazzi photographers
* Six guest suites and five VIP suites, all with bathrooms and balconies
* A large outdoor swimming pool for WAG Daria Zhukova to splash around in
* A gym, sauna, steam room, spa and several hot tubs.
* Two £1m helicopters with indoor hangars
* Four pleasure craft and 20 jet skis
* A cinema, aquarium, exhibition space and disco
* A £2m, 12-seater submarine for diving and secret escape

Some of these features sound like the extravagant luxuries one would expect of a multi-billionaire, but the rest sound the requests of a man who is either (a) extremely paranoid or (b) planning to launch an attack on a medium-sized country. Apparently the specifications are driven by the former, as Rom has become obsessed by security since KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko ate his side order of radiation poisoning in 2006.

It’s all very impressive, Mr Abramovich, but buying the biggest yacht in the world is probably the least effective method of staying undetected…

Spoiler bonus: In a bid to appear even more like a bond villain, Roman has also bought the world’s largest drill. Chelsea Pies have their theories.

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  • mark // March 31, 2008 at 3:41 pm

    “The latest indulgence to drive prices at Stamford Bridge even further into the stratosphere” …. I think you should do your research, Chelsea have just announced that season ticket prices for 08-09 will be uhchanged – for the third year running.

  • Ryan Bailey // March 31, 2008 at 3:50 pm

    Fair enough on season ticket pricing, but I wasn’t under the impression that it’s cheap to go to Stamford Bridge. £50 to see Middlesbrough in the Shed End Upper is quite a lot in my opinion…

  • Diane M. Byrne // April 8, 2008 at 7:51 pm

    The “spy shot” you include is not Eclipse, it’s Pelorus, a yacht Abramovich has owned for several years now. Also, Eclipse is nowhere near completion. The yacht undergoing sea trials is code-named project Sigma. I’m assuming you took the bulk of this info from The Times’ article a few days ago–a story so inaccurate it’s frankly pathetic. The reporter recycled a quote of mine from another interview a year ago and mixed in all sorts of other rumors, most of which are figments of someone’s imagination.

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  • Will Chappell // March 24, 2009 at 10:56 pm

    This must be a REALLY low profile article!! Thank you “Diane M. Bryne” for pointing out that the yacht pictured above IS actually the Pelorus!!! Not only that, this photo was taken on the International Quay in Antibes, France and nowhere near B&V in GERMANY… If you are really want to sell these kind of stories to real “yachties” a) get a more knowledgeable journalist… (the facts are wrong and misleading) and b) use a slightly more believable photograph, not a stock fake, as everybody who knows the foggiest about yachts has seen that boat around… it not hard to miss!!
    RESEARCH is the key here I think… E-mail me if you need a hand!!

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