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Red Rum

When it comes to picking a winner at the Grand National, everyone has a different method – some put on blindfolds, scatter bits of paper with horses names on into a clay pot and then select at random. The handsome devils at chickendinner, however, tend to use things such as facts and logic to conjure up a winner. They’ve whittled it down to one horse, and are kind enough to share the secret with you:

» The last time a horse won with odds longer than 33/1 was in 1995 (Royal Athlete, 40/1). Eliminating all those with longer odds than 33/1, and we’re left with twenty-three horses in contention.

» The winner must have won a three-mile plus race – that counts out King John’s Castle, Royal County Star and Patsy Hall. Twenty left.

» Experts insist that the winner should be carrying between 10 and 11 stone. That eliminates Slim Pickings, Simon, Butlers Cabin, Snowy Morning, Mr Pointment, Chelsea Harbour, Hedgehunter, Lami, Vodka Bleu, Knowhere and Turko. Nine remain.

» Only six favourites have won since 1960 – that eliminates Cloudy Lane. Eight left.

» Comply or Die took to wearing blinkers in December. Bad move, only one blinkered horse has won since 1975. Seven left.

» Only three eight-year-olds have won the National since 1980 (Bindaree, 2002; Party Politics, 1992; Corbiere, 1983). At 8, Mon Mome is too young. Six left.

» At the other end of the spectrum, a horse over 12 hasn’t won in eighty-four years – hard luck Philson Run. Five left

» Six of the last nine winners have been from Ireland. That counts out McKelvey, Bewleys Berry and Joes Edge. Two left.

» In five of the last ten years the winning jockey has been wearing green: devastating news for all-purple Point Barrow.

And the winner is…

» Dun Doire – 33/1, wears green, 9-years-old, has won over three miles, will be carrying between 10 and 11 stone, and is from Ireland. The only horse with all the winning ingredients.

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