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WAG No. 63: Anastasia Kosenkova

Inspiring WAG and rude-sounding girl band member

Alexander Hleb has put in some career-defining performances this season, and according to his gaffer Arsene Wenger, the Soviet midfielder can thank his wife Anastacia Kosenkova for his resurgence:

“[Wenger] told me to pass on his gratitude to my wife! He told me he knew how she had helped me to regain my confidence. I was completely surprised he thinks about such details.

“And he was right, my wife has helped me a lot. I married a year ago and since she came over to live with me, everything seems easier to me. I’m not totally happy with my performances. But I have started to believe in myself again.”

Anastacia married Hleb last summer, and wisely chose to keep her surname her surname, rather than take one that sounds like someone hacking up phlegm. Before her married life, she was in a pop band called ‘Topless’, who are Belarus’ answer to Girls Aloud. Disappointingly, they did not perform topless. And yes, I am trying to find out whether Belarus has a Trade Descriptions Act.

Spoiler bonus: Aside from the lovely pic above, where Topless actually live up to their lively moniker, there is little evidence of the girly troupe. So here’s the new video from Girls Aloud, featuring a happy smiley Cheryl Cole (who, incidentally, had found just days before filming that her d’bag husband had been rogering a hairdresser).

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