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Transfer Talk: Is Tony Adams really going home?


In between lovely slices of mango and giant slurps of caffeine-free Diet Coke, The Spoiler has perused and foraged the transfers underworld, and these gems were lurking in the shrubbery. So to speak.

Tony Adams to Arsenal
Hey what’s wrong Arsene? Feeling a wee bit sensitive because your attacking team has problems defending? Oh stop weeping, man, just get Tony Adams in to help you out! (Or so it would seem, apparently).

Kaka OR Leo Messi to Chelsea

Clearly learning nothing whatsoever from the Shevchenko debacle, Roman Abramovich has apparently declared that this summer he wants to hurl around £100 million, preferably in the direction of Kaka, or Messi… or Pele… or Maradona…

Carlo Cudicini to Aston Villa
After years of taking an extra cushion to away fixtures, Cudicini has apparently tired of the bench, and might consider taking up football next season. Villa are rumoured to be the front runner, but, honestly, does anyone really want a 34-year-old part timer?

Stephen Ireland to Sunderland
“Sure he’s a bit crazy,” chuckled Roy Keane, before deadpanning, “but he’s a brilliant player and I love him.” Parts of that quote may be paraphrased, but one thing that isn’t is that Ireland looks Sunderland bound for a whopping £8 million.

Kenwyne Jones to Everton
Going the other way (ish), however, could be Kenwyne Jones. Far too good for Sunderland, the whispers suggest that he is about Everton-standard.

Freddie Ljungberg, Kieron Dyer and Lucas Neill to ANYONE

The Express and The Mirror are again reporting that the purse strings are being tightened and that the highest earners at West Ham could be forced to take a hike. Yours for around £15 million?

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