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Transfer Talk: Gerrard and Henry to link up at Chelsea!


People have been doing some serious big talking over the weekend – Jose to Inter, Frank to Inter, Didier to Inter. But, worry not, not everyone is off to Inter. Phil Neville, for example, will probably stay at Everton. And these guys all have one thing in common: they’ re all not going to Inter… yet.

Ashley Young to Chelsea
Time has come to accept that the Shaun Wright-Phillips experiment just isn’t working – he arrived small, quick and unable to pass properly, he will leave small, quick, and unable to pass properly. Only with a bit less confidence. So good work Chelsea. Next on their list of bright young talents to destroy is Aston Villa’s speedster Ashley Young. Don’t do it Ashley!

Steven Gerrard to Chelsea

With Frank Lampard set to resume his sensual love affair with Jose Mourinho, this time with a dreamy Italian backdrop, the Chelsea money may again be hurled into Steven Gerrard’s frowning face. With a couple of their top earners off the squad, Abramovich might even shatter payment records. Don’t do it, Stevie!

Thierry Henry to Chelsea
Having managed to convince the Spanish that he’s just a big zooming sack of rubbish, Henry looks ready to return to his spiritual home – for, apparently, personal reasons (Barca hate him?). His preference would be London, so that’s Chelsea then. Don’t do it Thierry!

Aiden McGeady to Liverpool
The Irish Cristiano Ronaldo (should there be such a horrific invention) completed a Scottish PFA Player and Young Player of the Year double last night, and Benitez has told the fans they are signing someone this summer who ‘talks good English, but is not English’ – could he be the man? And isn’t good Scottish still bad English?

Kevin Nolan to Everton
For a man who has always played for Bolton, Kevin Nolan has always had the air of an Everton player – something about his grafting-but-never-quite
-spectacular ways… so how fitting that he’s off to Everton! Perhaps.

Stephen Carr to West Ham

Any man that can’t make it into Newcastle’s defence should really have a rethink about the whole football dream they’ve been pursuing. Or, in the case of Stephen Carr, just join West Ham.

Dean Ashton to Sunderland
After months of being linked with a move to Newcastle, newspaper reports over the weekend state Roy Keane wants the chunky forward to beef up his attacking options. Just different stripes, some would argue.

Ledley King to Newcastle
Ledley King is set to lose the Spurs captaincy this summer, but can Kevin Keegan really be expected to break the habit of a lifetime and sign a defender? Remember, this is a man who considered Philippe Albert a brilliant brilliant player.

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  • jose walker // April 21, 2008 at 1:33 pm

    They are coming to take you away ha ha he he to the funny farm with all the rest of the crazymen who think their sides are any way equal to Liverpool fc the chosen people who take your stupid statements in the spirit of fun that they set out to achieve.The sad part is there are grown men who support Manchester(salford) United and Chelsea who believe these stories and get on fan sites proclaming it
    Do us a favour comment on the game forget Torres.Gerard Tom Hicks Rick Parry or George Gillette

  • LadyInRed // April 21, 2008 at 2:10 pm

    Are you sure your comment wasnt supposed to be on a different story?

  • Dusty // April 22, 2008 at 8:24 am

    ha ha wake up mate, liverpool will piss the league next year will gerrard at the heart of it

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