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WAG No. 79: Cassie Sumner

‘The most talked about model in the country,’ says her new book…

They say that everyone has a book within them, and 24-year-old glamour model Cassie Sumner is no exception. When she isn’t putting her thoughts to paper or bearing her breasts outside nightclubs, Kent-born Cassie has been steadily working her way through the Chelsea team – so far she has bagged Celestine Babayaro, Steve Watts and Michael Essien.

The cover of her latest tome boasts that she has dated ‘everyone from Russell Brand to [the aforementioned] Michael Essien’, depsite the fact that Essien denied they ever went out and Brand discredited her kiss-and-tell claims as part of his stand up tour. Nevertheless, we at The Spoiler took a scientific approach to discovering who the ‘everyone’ in the huge spectrum between Mr Brand and Mr Essien may be, and devised the Cassie Sumner famous steamroll-o-meter:

Looks like it was only Ziggy, then.

Aside from pestering many of Stamford Bridge’s elite, Cassie is best known for being a prostitute – she admitted to accepting £5,000 for sleeping with a Middel Eastern businessman, but claims her moral compass is still intact as she didn’t realise she was doing it. Hmm. Cassie is also very fond of drugs, and admits taking cocaine, amphetamines and the odd horse tranquiliser in her tell-all book. What? You’ve never had horse tranquiliser on a night out? Square!

Spoiler bonus:
To promote her autobiography, Cassie poured her ‘heart’ (read: ‘abhorrent and shameful private life’) all over the pages of the News of the World. Read the article here, and then check out her bounding enthusiasm for her work in the Playboy video below…

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  • Josh // April 29, 2008 at 9:21 am

    Wondering if Babayaro did better for her than he did for Newcastle???

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