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Breaking news: LA Galaxy still exist

But it’s amateur hour in California, says Ruud Gullit

LA Galaxy

In recent weeks, we’ve seen pictures of David Beckham’s Zangief-like beard and love of cheerleaders’ derrieres, but we’ve heard abolsutely nothing about action on the pitch. FYI, the LA Galaxy are still in business, they are currently second in the Western Conference thingy, and Mr B is the club’s third top scorer with, er, one goal in five games.

It all seems pretty unspectacular out in California at the moment, and no one is less impressed than coach Ruud Gullit, who has been caught out by the LA Times telling the British Press about the two-bit operation he is in charge of:

“I’m sure that when people think of the Galaxy the picture that comes to mind is not of our staff making phone calls to friends on Friday to see if they can play in a reserve game on Sunday,” Gullit told writer Brian Doogan. “But, strange as it may seem, this is the reality.”

The Galaxy did not have enough players and had to play with only 10 men in a reserve game against Colorado in Denver. The following weekend, the team plucked a ticket salesman out of the front office to make up the numbers in a reserve game against San Jose.

“We laugh about it a little bit, but in the end it’s not a laughing matter,” he said.

“I’m not trying to change it yet, I’m trying to adapt to it. But in the end I’ll say, ‘You need to do things in a certain way because otherwise it’s not serious.’ Really, it’s ridiculous.”

It’s quite astounding that in the USA’s most populous state there is no one more qualified to pull on an LA Galaxy jersey than a ticket salesman. But if you think it’s amateurish in the States, then spare a thought for John Terry – he was forced to choke down Buxton spring water at Anfield last week, when he specifically requested chilled Evian. And last night, Ronaldo nearly didn’t make the kick off because one of the bulbs in his makeup mirror had to be replaced. Talk about a lack of professionalism…

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