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David Beckham to appear on Sesame Street

LA Galaxy star endures taxing interview with small red puppet

Sesame Street

David Beckham has managed to find time away from his amateur football side in order to film an appearance on legendary children’s show Sesame Street:

“David has always been a huge fan of the show. When he was a kid he watched it and was more than happy to go on.”

In the segment, Becks talks with Elmo (who is, rather fittingly, the one with the babyish voice) about the word of the day: persistence. As a man who kept a family together despite philandering his way around Madrid like a Romantic poet conquered adversity by working his way back into the England squad, Beckham epitomises the word.

Mr B definitely won’t lose any cool points by appearing on the show – check out the time when Bobby De Niro mindf**ked the hell out of poor little Elmo:

And if you’re really interested (and have no strong opinions on popular music or the upper middle class), take a look at how fellow Englishman James Blunt handled the loss of his ‘triangle’.[The Beautiful Game]

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