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WAG No. 82: Maria Beatriz Antony

Hot girlfriend and Nike angry at Ronaldo’s transvestite adventures

I’m no expert, but it is my understanding that attempting to conduct drug-fuelled sex parties with transvestite prostitutes can be detrimental to a relationship. Ronaldo (the buck-toothed one, not the Nereida Gallardo-boffing one) has learnt this lesson the hard way, as long-term girlfriend Maria Beatriz Anthony – who has no penis – has walked out on him:

According to Brazilian paper “Extra”, Maria Beatriz Antony, who lived with Ronaldo up to a few days ago, returned to her parents in Brasilia. Friends told the paper that she repeatedly complained about Ronaldo’s type of nightlife in Brazil since the player’s return because of an injured knee. So his latest escapade may only be the final straw that tipped the balance against him.

The paper also claims that Ronny’s lifelong sponsors Nike are considering ripping up his $100million contract, because transvestites, hookers and affairs don’t quite fit into their brand values. Jeez, these major corporations are so square…

Rather impressively, Maria isn’t a model, a singer or a fitness DVD-touting fame whore – the twenty-three year old is actually an engineer. Until 2006, she went out with fifty-five-year-old former Formula One driver Nelson Piquet, and she is better known in her homeland as ‘Bia Anthony’.

Spoiler bonus:
The transvestite who claims Ronaldo asked for cocaine and failed to pay for ‘services’ is named Andreia Albertini. You can see a picture of her/ him here – it’s easily the sexiest thing you will see all day.

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