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Vote: Does Avram Grant deserve to be sacked?

Much-maligned Chelsea boss is on the verge of greatness

Avram Grant

When Jose Mourinho walked the plank of the Good Ship Chelsea, no one expected his replacement to last more than a few games. But here we are, and Avram Grant is just two games from giving Chelsea their best season ever. With the Toad at the helm, the results have kept on coming, yet he faces criticism and constant talk of his imminent succession.

He may not have a UEFA Pro License, a good pedigree in management or the ability to show emotions through facial expressions, but does Avram really deserve the boot based on this season’s performances? Votes and comments below, please.

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  • Alistair // May 7, 2008 at 3:13 pm

    To the 30 people (correct as of posting) who voted yes, in what respect does Avram Grant DESERVE to be sacked?

    Billy Davies deserved it: he wasn’t cut out for managing in this league.
    Chris Hutchings deserved it: he wasn’t cut out for it either.

    But based on results (~70% success), position in the league (2nd, behind on goal difference with 1 game to go)and the Champions League (the club’s first final in their history), no manger deserves to be sacked.

    Admitedly he cocked up in the league cup final and against Barnsley, but players and managers need time to settle. Certianly looking at recent results against Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool, he has grown into the club and team he inherited.

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