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Video: Croatia’s Euro 2008 Anthem, by Slaven Bilić

Watch out Group B, Croatia have rawk on their side

When he’s not chain smoking or embarrassing England, Croatian coach Slaven Bilić loves nothing better than rocking it old school with his band Rawbau. The ‘Healing & Easy Listening/ Religious/ Experimental’ quintet have recorded Croatia’s official Euro 2008 anthem, entitled ‘Vatreno ludilo’ (‘Fiery madness’) and Slaven is the guy in the video with the shades and snazzy Explorer guitar.

It sounds like something you may have heard on continental MTV in 1999, but it’s a damn sight better than some of England’s recent anthems.

The clever chaps at the Croatian Offside have translated the lyrics, and any song that squeezes the names of four nations into a single line is a winner in my book:

We were together in ‘98
World has heard of us
And still the bronze medal shines
When we beat Japan, Holland, Romania, Germany

And now, 10 years later
Again the same hope, same dream
We have the tickets, backpacks, and a crest on our chests (Crest 3x)

Fieeery Madness, when it starts, Fieeery
Let everything burn when through our veins
Red and white starts flowing

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  • dnz // June 18, 2008 at 12:31 pm

    that was kinky.

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