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Eva Longoria will not help your basketball skills

Basketball WAG hinders husband’s performance

Tony Parker Eva Longoria

A Hornets fan has discovered a perfect way to distract San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker, by holding up a big ol’ cardboard cutout of his wife Eva Longoria. The beardy chap looks delighted with his idea, but unless that thing is double-sided, I’m betting the people in the rows behind him aren’t enjoying the game quite as much.

Premier League fans could learn from this crafty misdirection – next time you’re seated behind the goal, why not take a Danielle Lloyd cutout to distract Jermain Defoe, or maybe a gaggle* of cardboard prostitutes to take Ronaldo’s eye off the ball…

*Yes, I checked, and ‘gaggle’ is the correct collective term for cardboard prostitutes.


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