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Man United/ Chelsea – the battle of the mind games

Like children, footballers can be so cruel 


As absolutely everyone knows, before the biggest match of the season, the battle begins in the press. We like to call it The Battle of the Brains. Already Chelsea and Man United have been trading blows like furious tots in a street fight.

Rooney on Drogba:
Sometimes it seems as if his head is not there, but when he is playing at his best he is an unbelievable player.

Vidic on Drogba:

Sometimes he goes in very strong, and sometimes he pretends he is very weak. He plays with your mind and tries to make you think about the next tackle. He can pretend he fell down to win a penalty, but referees know that. The Champions League final is a big game and I’m sure the ref will know his job.

Avram Grant on refs:
In the game we played against United at Old Trafford, the referee changed the result for sure. We know that. The red card for Mikel was not a red card, the red card that wasn’t for Paul Scholes on Sunday should have been.

Sir Alex Ferguson on Avram Grant:
This is about next Wednesday and that’s why Avram is talking that way. Maybe when we went to Chelsea we should have been champions before that but now the season’s over, we’ll put it to the back burner.

Even Tevez has a go:

We are a better side than Chelsea. That is a psychological problem for them.

Carvalho plays the ‘we’re glad we’re the underdogs’ card:
For me this match is very open and there is no favourite, but if people back United it is better for us because it puts more pressure on our rivals.

Cech on why Chelsea want it more:

It is always disappointing when you are so close to winning a title and you finish second. It can be an extra motivation for us because we do not want to see them celebrating again.

Ballack driven by past failure:

It was the darkest period of my career. We had the chance to make history with Leverkusen and we won nothing. It was three times second. I thought it could not get worse and then I was suspended for the World Cup final and the team lost to Brazil. I had a terrible summer and it’s a memory that I don’t want to think about. I really hope that will not happen to me and my team-mates at Chelsea. I don’t think it will.

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