Chaos at Chelsea

Chelsea shove Grant out the window – new victim wanted!

Blues’ dream of being Premier League’s most entertaining club in sight – during the summer at least

In spite of guiding Chelsea to within a spot kick of the Champions League, a penalty which he could hardly be blamed for missing, thunder-faced Avram Grant has been asked to lose Chelsea’s number and stop bothering them in exchange for a large cheque.

Mr Grant, who you’ll recall was also a whisker away from winning the Premier League, a goal which he may have accomplished if his predecessor Jose Mourinho had bothered to do his job properly in the first few games of the season, instead of conducting a high stakes game of ego chess with his employer, will now have plenty of time on his hands to read the papers.

There, he will find a great deal of information to intrigue him, such as reports of recent warm conversations between Mr Mourinho and Mr Abramovich (The Sun), and news that Roman Abramovich recently gave the same Mr Mourinho the GBP2 million Ferrari of his dreams (the Observer) – a 612 Scaglietti. Mr Grant must feel like the wife who has just discovered her husband has been larking around with an old girlfriend – a mixture of foolish and angry.

To add to that unpleasant emotional cocktail, Mourinho has heaped further insult heaped upon him, claiming that Grant is a “loser” because he didn’t win any trophies. “The best team lost the Champions League final, like last season the best team lost the Champions League semi-final,” he said, apparently unaware that by his own logic that defeat also qualifies Mourinho himself for loser status.

Still, while the debate rumbles on as to whether Grant was hard done by or was not up to the job, at least Chelsea have rid themselves of a complex, distant and introverted presence at the heart of the playing side. With the team looking in need of radical restructuring, such a personality is perhaps not the ideal rebuilder. Favourite to take over? Complex, distant and introverted Frank Rijkaard, who has spent the last two years working out his own fresh routes to humiliating defeat.

Well done, Chelsea. Looking forward to this one…

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  • jturner // May 25, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    More like the ex-wife coming back to haunt the mistress who became the second wife & who’s now been dumped. Ha! Some would call it karma.

  • YaYa // May 26, 2008 at 7:03 pm

    Chelsea could be one season away from disaster. If Abramovich plumps for someone who has never coached in the Prem and loses Drogba, Lampard, Carvalho and Alex (all extremely likely), the air of invincibility that Grant went some way to corrode will be wiped away and then it’s open season. A second trophyless season, this time coming in 3rd; Champions League last 16 and Roman could be out. So that’s 600million owed and back to mid-table obscurity by 2011… Chelsea coudl be having a Leeds moment

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