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Euro 2008 winner revealed!

Cold, hard evidence of who will walk away with the Henry Delaunay Cup

Henry Delaunay Cup

The bookies have been frothing at the mouth about Germany, everyone always says it will be Spain’s year – even though it never is – while the World Cup was all about France and Italy. But forget all that. Using just hard stats, the boffins at chickendinner have already worked out the winner.

Drink in the facts, people. Drink them in.

The chickendinner ten step guide to Euro 2008 victory

1. Only one of the last nine winners have been a host nation – that counts out Austria and Switzerland

2. The last eight winners had all qualified for past European Championship tournaments – that counts out Poland

3. The European Championship has NEVER been retained – say goodbye to Greece

4. And Germany are the only country to have ever bounced back from losing a Euro final to win next time round – unlucky, Portugal

5. No World Cup runners-up have even bounced back to win the European Championship – that’s France out

6. And only once have losing semi-finalists gone on to win the tournament next time round – that eliminates the Czech Republic and Holland

7. Spain may have one of the best squads but it’s been 24 years since they last reached a tournament semi-final

…so, there are seven teams left in the running. To find out the final three steps, and to fulfill all your Euro 2008 betting needs, head over to chickendinner pronto!

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