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Big Phil to Chelsea, free beer for Austria and Euro 2008′s hottest fans

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Alan Shearer

Game: Fancy driving a mini into Alan Shearer’s face? Or anyone else for that matter? Take out your road rage on the world’s worst pundit without using any precious petrol right here.

Stupid offer: A Dutch shop offered €100 off the price of a €400 computer screen for each goal the Netherlands scored against Italy. Oops
[Lion In Oil]

Much less costly offer: A Vienna brewery has offered free beer for life to any Austria player to score in Euro 2008
[The Offside]

Shameless self promotion: Have you seen the Euro 2008 WAG XI? It’s dead good
[The Spoiler]

BMW’s new conecept car can change shape, a bit like Optimus Prime
[Grid Crasher]

The hottest fans of Euro 2008 so far, except for the last one who’s a bit fug

Big Phil is odds on for the Chelsea job

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