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Who does Alan Shearer think he is?

Blackburn not good enough for inexperienced MOTD pundit

Alan Shearer

The Daily Telegraph are today reporting that Alan Shearer may turn down the chance to succeed Mark Hughes because he “is not convinced that Blackburn would be the right place for him.”

Yes that’s right, a man whose post-retirement career has relied on professionally stating the bleedin’ obvious (and making Mark Lawrenson’s analysis seem groundbreaking in comparison) on Match of the Day could turn down the seventh-best team in the Premier League because they aren’t ‘right’ for him.

In comparison, the candidates who could miss out because of Shearer’s apparent God-given right to a top job are Sam Allardyce, who took Bolton to a League Cup Final and into Europe, and Paul Ince, who since retiring has knuckled down and spent 18 months overachieving with Franchise FC in League Two, winning two trophies.

Shearer also appears ignorant of the opportunities afforded to Blackburn managers – the last two have been able to use the club as a stepping stone for a “bigger” job, with Graeme Souness moving to Newcastle and Mark Hughes to Manchester City.

And while Ince, like most of the new breed of coaches, learned from the best in Sir Alex Ferguson, the only time Shearer spent with a truly great manager was a brief spell under Sir Bobby Robson at Newcastle.

There is no sign Shearer has the makings of a great coach anyway – he is clearly a charisma vacuum and his analysis shows no evidence of a master tactician at work – so surely he should take any job he can get.

So Shearer, wise up quickly – the sooner you give Lee Dixon your seat on Match of the Day, the better.

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