Brothers from different mothers

David Villa looks to UK Big Brother for style tips

Look, they’ve got the same facial hair!

David Villa and Anthony from BB

For those who don’t spend their summer’s locked away in a sweltering lounge, silently watching the Big Brother housemates sleeping on E4′s live streaming, Anthony Hutton was the sex mad little oik who won in 2006.

He famously may or may not have done some intercourse with Makosi (now a prostitute, allegedly) in the house jacuzzi, and on winning he managed exactly two minutes of fame, before returning to work in whatever pie factory he probably worked in before the show.

On the plus side for the lad, he looks exactly like Spain’s second most astounding striker, David Villa. Can you tell them apart?

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  • chalovesmonkeys // June 17, 2008 at 8:47 am

    I called this about 4 years ago. Keep up!

    That was an especially norky year of Big Brother, but I’m happy that it’s been consigned to the TV dustbin of time.

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